Tri Rivers Baptist Area

Director of Missions: Rev. Richard Ray

Current Courses


Dr. Randall Worley

Wednesdays 6:30pm-9:15pm

January 6 - February 28, 2020

An exegetical study of Romans designed to enable the student to understand and interpret the biblical message. Primary attention will be given to the form and content of the text itself: its background and history, distinctive literary traits, the flow of the argument, and the application of its truths in the contemporary setting.


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Self Paced Courses

Paul on Leadership

Dr. Gene Wilkes

Leadership Lessons from the Life of Paul is intended to give the learner:

  • An overview of the life and ministry of Paul
  • Gain a sense of the spiritual and practical transitions the Apostle made as he followed Jesus into the mission field of the Ethnics and no longer served the institution he was trained to serve
  • Glean lessons applicable to the listener’s current ministry assignment
  • Be inspired to risk obedience to God’s call in the listener’s life in order to follow Jesus into the mission field of his or her life



Principles of Teaching

Dr. David Strawn

12 self paced sessions covering the principles and methods of effective Christian teaching, including the development of presentation skills. Approaches include planning and teaching for knowledge/understanding, development of values, and development of skills which enhance personal Christian ministry.



Association and Church Leaders

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