B. H. Carroll Theological Institute

Christianity and Politics

With Dr. Greg Tomlin

Tuesdays 7:00pm-8:30pm CDT
Each session will feature an optional time for questions and answers from 8:30-9pm CDT.

A 4-week course on the relationship between Christianity and public life (politics). It explores the historical, theological, and philosophical roots of various Christian views of government and civic engagement.


  • Develop avenues for biblical reflection on modern political issues;
  • Discover the historic Christian witness on ideas such as “citizenship in two kingdoms,” the ranking of spiritual and temporal orders, and the impact of Enlightenment thought;
  • Understand the roots of political engagement by the church in America;
  • See separation of church and state through the eyes of early Baptists and the Founding Fathers;
  • Develop awareness of the benefits, risks, and potential outcomes of political activity on the part of Christians


  • Session 1: The Bible; Augustine’s Two Cities; Pope Gelasius
  • Session 2: Thomas Aquinas; Medieval Times; Reformation; The Nation State
  • Session 3: The Enlightenment; Puritans; The American Experience
  • Session 4: Evangelical Action; Religious Liberty; Church and Race

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