B. H. Carroll Theological Institute

Christian Heritage I

With Dr. Karen Bullock

Wednesdays 6:30pm-8:00pm CDT

October 6-November 24, 2021

Persecution and heresy. Fistfights and intrigue. Courageous missionaries and studious monks. Constantine’s miraculous conversion and an apostate emperor. The struggle of the Dark Ages. It all reads like it was written in Hollywood, but it isn’t a movie script. It was real life. From the struggles of the early church and church councils to the union of church and state and the early Middle Ages, Christian Heritage I covers the first 800-900 years of the church. You’ll explore events, themes, ecclesiastical and doctrinal developments, and uncover the fascinating stories of the rapidly expanding church.


  • Communicate the inspiring and unwavering faith of the early church in the midst of persecution.
  • Examine the cultural contexts and political forces which helped shape the church.
  • Uncover how those past events have altered the beliefs, functions, and effectiveness of the church.
  • Measure historical events and Christian practices against the teaching of Scripture.
  • Clarify personal convictions and more effectively share the gospel with those who have questions about the history of the church.

Goals and Objectives

  • Learn the major historical periods, movements, events, persons, and issues of Christian history.
  • Learn the religious, political, social, cultural, philosophical, and geographical influences on the development of Christianity.
  • Understand the major Christian doctrines and practices, as well as variations from them, in the light of their biblical origin and their historical development.
  • Understand the historical circumstances, which provide a basis for understanding Christian beliefs and practices in relation to past and present cultures.
  • Deal critically with historical evidence, sequence, analogy, and generalization regarding the history of Christianity, and communicate insight from these observations by relating the past to the present.
  • Discuss the creedal and confessional developments of Christian heritage in the context of theology, philosophy, history, and in conversation with the current human experience.
  • Apply the major themes of Christian theology in a context for constructive theological formulation and personal spiritual formation.
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Christian Heritage I

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